Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)


OPITO has revised its Training Standards for HLO qualifications. The document HELIDECK OPERATIONS INITIAL TRAINING (HOIT) Standard rev. 0 Amendment 2 outlines the new standards for HLO certification.

In addition to holding a Dangerous Goods Certificate and a Radio Operator’s Certificate of Competence (ROCC), the prospective Helicopter Landing Officer now has to complete: 

  • The 2-day Helideck Operations Initial Training  (HOIT) course (NOW ONLINE)
  • The 3-day Helideck Emergency Response Team Leader (HERTL) course (which includes the Helideck Emergency Response Team Member (HERTM) training).(NOW ONLINE)


On completion of these 2 courses, the candidate can be certified as a HLO.

Flight Safety Africa offers both the 2-day HOIT course (NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE) and the 3-day HERTL (NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE) course, in order for the certified candidate to be OPITO COMPLIANT, as per the requirement of IOGP Report 590.

Flight Safety Africa can recommend a CAA Certified on-line course for the Dangerous Goods Certificate and a CAA certified Aeronautical Radio Telephony trainer for VHF Radio. 

For more details see HOIT  and HERTL

IOGP Report 690 allows for the Certification of the HLO to be OPITO COMPLIANT. Flight Safety Africa now offers a 5-day combined HOIT and HERTL course that is fully OPITO compliant, covering all aspects of the required Helideck Operations Initial Training and Helicopter Emergency Response Training.

The Combined HOIT and HERTL course covers:

  • Legal references for all Helideck Operations
  • Helicopter and Helideck Management systems and potential hazards
  • HLO normal operations and emergency responsibilities during landing and take-off on both attended and normally unattended installations.
  • Supervision of Passengers and cargo handling
  • Emergency response preparedness
  • Desktop practical for HLO Emergency Response scenarios

Cost of the 5-day combined course: Price on request

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