The Process

HC-A follows strict auditing procedures for the process of inspection and certification, including:

  • An entry meeting with relevant key personnel to explain the process and key aspects of the audit.
  • A qualitative and quantitative inspection of aircraft, helidecks/helipads and all related operational aspects using a comprehensive check list that reflects all requirements of applicable national and international aviation standards and regulations.
  • During helideck inspections, various instruments are used to test compliance, including friction testers for the helideck surface and inclinometers for surface level incline calculations. Certification extends to operational safety and procedures, including lighting, helideck markings, obstacle free surfaces, fuel installations, fire-fighting (including foam testing), rescue equipment etc.
  • During audits and inspections, photographs are taken for record verification and specific documents relevant to regulation compliance are filed.
  • An exit meeting with key personnel to ensure consensus on non-compliance issues based on the presentation of objective evidence.
  • A final comprehensive report is presented in which all findings are recorded and photographs included, supporting various aspects of the audit and inspection.
  • The Inspector works closely with the relevant Master or OIM to assist with the close-out of all findings and non-compliances, to ensure maximum operating safety of the helideck